What is PanoVario®?

    PanoVario is a newly developed, innovative picture frame system by the company ProLog – a variable and customizable panorama frame!

    With a PanoVario picture frame there are no size limits for your picture motifs since our frames can be manufactured to any size possible. One of the great advantages of our product is the frame system’s ingenious engineering, opening up a whole new range of picture presentation possibilities. You will be in a position to mount your pictures in the inside corners and around the outside corners of the frame, amongst other things. In doing so, a whole new optical perspective opens up for the beholder. New frame shapes can be created by using the fully customizable corner modules. Your creativity for shaping your pictures is virtually unlimited.

    For our frames’ manufacturing, only top-quality plastics are used and we offer a selection of different surfaces, satisfying even the highest expectations and providing a unique visual appearance.

    Messe Dubai

    The impossible made possible – innovation thoroughly thought through

    Our frame system respects you and your ideas. Picture sizes have no set limits. Neither for height, width, nor premises.

    Quite colourful here, isn’t it?

    PanoVario frame systems are currently available in eight different colours. Would you like a special colour or an individualized frame design? We would be pleased to make your wish come true. Please get in touch with us and we will personally deal with your request.

    Everybody said it’s not possible – then we came along and simply did it

    In the manufacture of the PanoVario’s individual parts, we exclusively use high-quality engineering plastics by leading German manufacturers meeting top-most quality standards. All materials used in the manufacture comply with the REACH requirements and are processed in line with the criteria of the ISO 9001 quality standard. Colour application for the visible surface areas is carried out by means of applying high-quality design films or a perfect coat of paint.

    1, 2, 3 … Finished!

    Due to our frame’s ingenious engineering, pictures can be mounted in just a few easy steps. Changing a motif is possible without much effort. We will give you step-by-step instructions on how it is done.